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Monday, December 19, 2005

What I want (or what will probably happen to me) this X-mas!


OK, I'm a frequent flier. No, I mean, really, like over 200,000 miles flown this year. I'm serious. I spend my life running through airports. So, imagine my shock when I saw this PLAYMOBIL ® Security Check-in available for sale for your child's holiday present!

You know, like for when your child tells you how they wanna grow up to be an airport screener? Hey, wait a minute.

Let's just put this out there, people. If your child ever expresses any interest in growing up to be an airport screener, then I would say that the ideal present for that child would be a dictionary so that he can learn about the other jobs that are out there. But I digress.

Anyway! All right, stop whatever it is you are doing right now! I rarely recommend other people blogs (and if I do, they would be located directly to the right of this column). BUT! Go immediately to Concurring Opinions and read their review of this toy. The guy's a law professor, no less.

I laughed so hard, I peed. Honest.


Anonymous Lilly said...

Taken from another blog out there:

"If you like the airline screening playset, you might also enjoy the Ann Coulter talking doll:"

12/21/2005 9:23 PM


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