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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Al Franken mounts his most ambitious campaign to date...


That's right, America's most vocal liberal advocate, Al Franken, is not taking this lying down anymore. He's begged. he's pleaded, he's done all he can do. And now he's taking it to the American people.

What's his demand? Is it Bush's resignation? Rove's execution? Rush being forced to listen to nothing but the Grateful Dead til the end of time?

Well, yes, actually, all of those would be fine with him (and me too actually, except maybe the Grateful Dead part - even I have some humanity left). BUT! His most outrageous demand yet is.......

For the love of god, would Peter Paul finally make a dark chocolate Almond Joy candy bar?

Frankly, I think that this may actually be the issue that unites people across the aisle. I really do. Think about it. We have the Mounds, with its dark chocolate and coconut. We have the Almond Joy with it's milk chocolate, almonds and coconut.

The American people demand a dark chocolate Almond Joy!

Call the Peter Paul people at 1-800-468-1714 and beg them for a dark chocolate Almond Joy that's just like a Mounds, except with the almond. Right now!

Then! After we get a candy bar with nuts, maybe we can find a Democrat with some too!

Fight the power!


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