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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hey, all right! Let's do the update!

You remember how this works, right? Just click on the picture to read the original story, then read on for the update!

- Well, after all my complaining about Apple selecting Cingular for its exclusive contract for the Iphone, I see this article on Apple Insider, which says that Apple approached Verizon first and Verizon turned Apple down!

The reason? Apple wanted to be solely responsible for the customer service of the phone, while Verizon, who actually is a cell phone provider that provides customer service, was like "Uh, hey, no. We got it. Seriously." Apple wouldn't back down, so Verizon said no thanks.

Cingular, on the other hand, was like "Customer service? What's that? OH! THAT! Yeah, whatever, man..." Great work, Apple, on being so Apple-y AGAIN. Did you happen to call Sony yet to see how that whole Beta vs. VHS thing played out? Maybe you should look into that to get over that 7% market share hurdle...

- All right, thankfully Joe. My. God. finally gets to the bottom of this whole Donnie Davies and his anti-gay bands crusade and the answer is YES! THE WHOLE THING IS A GAG! Thank god. Of course, now all these people are coming out and saying "Of course it's a gag! That's satire! I knew it all along."

I have two things to say to you people:

1. You did not know it was a gag.

2. If you seriously actually thought "That extraordinarily well-constructed piece of satire, in which a bigoted idiot is placed in a high position of trust and power, could never really happen in real life", then you did not vote in the last presidential election.

- Well, the Bears lost the Super Bowl. They tried, and it looked good at first, but in the end, no dice. Ditka goes back to just owning a steak house. It's probably for the best.

My son probably put it best when he said "Daddy, they keep falling down. But I want them to win!" I know, kid, I know. That's just how it goes in the world of Chicago sports. Actually, I'm not really one to talk, I only watch one football game a year, and it's usually the Super Bowl. This game just reminded me of why I took on that policy.

Prince played, and as predicted, there was no dancing on his part, although I have to say he pulled some pretty awesome guitar licks out of the rain. Anybody watching that who was thinking "Aw man, I could play guitar like that" has never had to play in that kinda weather. Also, is it me or did Prince not only do a medley of his songs, he also did a medley of every song in the last 40 years?

Anyway, I'm glad Prince didn't have to dance, he woulda totally busted his skinny ass on that soaking wet stage. Fortunately, he took off the Dorothy Lamour headscarf halfway through. Overall, it was a good show! Although I can't lie, I really missed his dancing. I know I've said this before, but if you ever get the chance to see Prince live, you must do it. He is, without a doubt, the single most talented performer/musician that I have ever seen anywhere. I've seen him 6 times in concert and was blown away every single time. He truly is that good.

If you missed the Super Bowl, you can at least check out Prince's part here. But, even better, WAY BETTER, check out Prince's show at the Super Bowl press conference as our second video selection below. DUDE! He got the fucking Linn drum into "Johnny B. Goode"! It's just like wearing an orange suit and high heels while two women gyrate against you while you're playing some crazy guitar solo. ONLY Prince can pull that shit off. God bless him.

Lastly, we're getting close to 20,000 page views now on this blog, which just seems insane to me, but hey, that's the power of the internet. I know I'm not as good a blogger as I should be, but thanks to you for hanging in there and bothering to read this whenever I can get it together to post.

Just know that I want to win, even when I keep falling down.


Anonymous EdRawl said...

Don't forget - Da Coach also owns the championship arena football league team The Chicago Rush.
(But let's not talk about that other Chicago "football" team.)

2/05/2007 6:14 AM

Anonymous Lil said...

Best halftime show in the history of the 'Bowl, hands down.

2/05/2007 11:40 AM

Blogger Andy said...

You're kidding, right? Verizon and customer service in the same sentence, without the words "worst" and "ever" appropriately interspersed?!

Seriously, the only reason I'm still with Verizon is that their coverage just about almost cancels out their notoriously shitty customer service and obscene rates (and the latter only because, while I'm a Treo geek, I don't use the data access much; although, if they priced it like Sprint does, I probably would use it a lot more).

When I wanted to upgrade my phone mid-contract, and was willing to sign a new two-year contract to do so, they fought me. They eventually "caved", telling me I could do so only if I signed a new contract--that provided me with no benefit over my current plan--for enough over the cost of my current plan that in a year I'd have wasted enough money to cover the discount they were offering on the phone, and by the end of the contract, I'd have actually spent more than I would have to just buy the phone at full price. I had to fight up one more level of supervisor before I got a call apologizing for such an insulting "offer" and agreeing to give me the phone for a two-year extension of my current contract.

Every single time I've gotten a new contract with them, something's gone ass up and somebody's lied to/misinformed me.

That whole Treo thing started because a store rep told me (incorrectly) that my "New Every Two" phone upgrade credit was a "use it now or lose it" thing, and that they didn't expect the Treo 650 anytime soon, if at all (it came out 3-4 months later on Verizon). So not only did I end up fighting with them on that, but I also lost out on using my $100 credit towards the Treo.

When I moved from Boston back to NJ after college, I was explicitly told--without prompting--by the customer service rep that my contract would not be affected (ie, it would end a year from then, rather than resetting to a new two-year contract). Imagine my surprise when the new paperwork arrives with a brand new two-year contract end date. I called customer service back and was told that the rep was incorrect, that because New England and NY/NJ are different networks, it's a brand new contract, and resets. I again had to speak to a supervisor to get them to give me the contract end date they'd promised.

I've got lots more, but you don't want to hear them. Anyway, if you think Verizon has good customer service, it's pretty clear you've never been a Verizon customer!


P.S.-This, too, is the only cell company I'm aware of who doesn't even HAVE a customer retention department. It's also the company whose parent company's CEO told an interviewer, "Why in the world would you think your (cell) phone would work in your house? The customer has come to expect so much." Nuff said, eh?

2/05/2007 4:14 PM

Anonymous bj gal said...

dont forget morris day opening for prince!

2/06/2007 3:55 PM


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