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Friday, January 26, 2007

Pasta for you, pasta for them.

All right, this is a nice thing here, with benefits for everybody involved.

Barilla is offering a free download of a very nice 35 page pasta cookbook, with recipes by some professional chefs such as Mario Batali as well as some unlikely sources such as Pierce Brosnan, Harrison Ford and Kristin Davis.

Now the cool part is that for the first 100,000 downloads of the cookbook, Barilla will donate 1 dollar per download to America's Second Harvest, a non-profit charity that supplements food banks for the poor across the country. Nice, huh?

Click here to download the book.

Now, whether these recipes are good or not, I have no idea. I have a hard time imagining some of these stars ever EATING pasta, much less having their favorite recipes.

Oh yeah, Sela Ward is definitely pounding back lasagna on a regular basis, I'm so sure.


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