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Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's lonely at the top...

I freakin LOVE the show "Top Chef" on Bravo. No, seriously. I LOVE IT. I'M TOTALLY HOOKED ON IT. If you are not watching it, drop everything and start watching the ten thousand reruns on Bravo right now.

If you're following the show, then you know that Marcel and Ilan are the finalists, and that Marcel is HATED by everyone else on the show. Now, the guy is obnoxious, I will admit that, but the way that people are demonizing him on the show is completely ridiculous. He's just a guy with some poor social skills, that's all. If you think that's so awful, you should spend a couple of weeks with me. I deal with these kinds of people a lot, and they're not bad people, they just don't express themselves very well.

However, no one was more stunned than me that Sam was voted off the show. Sam rocked that show week in and week out. But the judges made their decision and that's how it goes.

But people are just getting fucking crazy now with this whole thing. There's a new report in the news that Marcel was attacked in a restaurant by a woman with a bottle!

"This girl came up to me at a nightclub and asked me if I was Marcel from Top Chef," the 26-year-old cook told the Las Vegas Weekly in a story published in last Thursday's edition of the alternative newspaper. "The next thing I knew, this bottle struck me, and my friends had to rush me to the hospital. I needed 30 stitches."

The unknown assailant was apparently upset with Vigneron's Top Chef 2 behavior, which many of the show's other contestants have described as "selfish" and "arrogant." Vigneron denies both characterizations.

"I don't think I am [arrogant]. I believe in my food, and my abilities, and seriously, if you don't have that belief, how far are you going to make it in the competition? But I never went out of my way to slam anybody else, which I think would be an arrogant thing to do," Vigneron told Las Vegas Weekly. "[I] offered help to the other chefs whenever I could, so I find that [selfish] accusation puzzling."

Uh, well, it's not that puzzling, dude. You are definitely annoying. But, people, please! Hitting people on the head with a bottle is not gonna solve anything.

Especially if it's off camera.


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