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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Well, it's one way to remember your vacation....

As regular readers of this blog know, I'm a big fan of celebrities who make videos of themselves having sex, and then act shocked SHOCKED! when people steal them and make a million bucks off of them. I mean, there's this person and this person who are not actually paragons of good judgement, but at least you won't be tempted to do something like that, right?


It turns out that the newest trend in specialty hotel rooms is, in fact, supplying you with equipment to make your own pornographic video with while staying at the hotel! And we're not talking about some motel by the interstate either, these are super fancy rooms costing $375 a night!

The Hotel Solamar in San Diego is offering its guests the Wild Romance Package includes King Spa room with extra deep tub (it's more like a jacuzzi), a DVD Handycam camcorder (because you're gonna film how big the tub is, right?), a pitcher of saktinis and some toys like chocolate cigarettes, sensual lotions and potions.

For the Paris Hilton/R. Kelly voyeur in you, which means that you probably don't care how much it costs, the package will cost you $649 a night plus taxes and a two minimum stay.

Boy, forget about looking under the mattress for surprises in your hotel room, just check what's left in the video camera!


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