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Thursday, April 20, 2006

OK. This cracked me up.

See, here's the thing.

I love my job. I do. But it can get a little hectic. Around this time of year, it gets REALLY hectic.

Now what does hectic mean in my job? Well, see, in order for me to make a living in this job of providing music and sound for theatre and film, it requires me to take a lot of jobs around the country. Because I need to get so many jobs in a year to pay for my rock'n'roll lifestyle, it makes it tough to turn stuff down when people offer.

Well, ok, that's not entirely true. It's not just because of the dough. It's also because the shows sound really interesting, or the theatre is some place I really enjoy working, or the people are someone I'm really interested in working with...

Look, I made this rule a couple of years ago that I would only work on shows that really excite me or interest me in some big way. And you know what? I work three times as much now. What can ya do?

ANYWAY. This is a LONG preamble to this fairly short story I'm about to tell. So, last week, I did the music and sound design for this show called Splitting Infinity at Geva Theatre in Rochester, NY. Geva was one of the very first regional theatres that I worked at in my career, and I can honestly say that the people there are some of the nicest that I've ever met working in theatre. I love going there anytime.

Now, I wrote the music and did the sound design for this show, but I could only be there for a couple of days, instead of the full tech period, like I normally would be. I had to go to Atlanta to tech another show, (just like I had to leave that show in Atlanta early to go to Chicago to tech another show, just like I have to leave that show early to tech... you get the idea.)

Geva has this tradition of taking a picture of the creative team (the director, dramaturg, and designers), and that's usually on the night before final dress rehearsal. Except for me. Because, of course, I was gone by then.

Will Pickens, my assistant designer on the show and a totally swell guy, calls me and says "Hey, they're gonna take the picture, do you have something you send for me to hold up in the picture?"

So I sent my headshot, which I hardly ever use. Below is the result, click on it to see it at full size. Then try to guess which one is me.


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