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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Now you too can be an internet geek.

You know what I love about the internet?

Everyone has been given permission to let out their inner geek. Bloggers tell you the things that they've been thinking all day, people bond on bulletin boards about their various obesessions, and a lot of very strange people show you their crazy ideas that they have about something cool that they're trying to create.

The last category is where a site like Instructables comes in handy - teaching you how to make things that you had no idea that you wanted.

Like how about a gun that shoots marshmallows?


Click here to watch a video of the gun in action.

Or how about a a belt made entirely out of bicycle parts?


Or maybe something really cool like the incredily useful (and also hilarious) instructions to hack into a $3 pen and turn it into one of those really amazing $200 Montblanc pens that you've wanted all your life?


My favorite was a simple yet effective solution to repair CD's that are scratched beyond recognition. Turns out your secret pal is Brasso! Who knew?


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