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Saturday, March 25, 2006

All right, Hotel Gansevoort is off my list

So, yesterday, they were telling us not to poop in the pool, now, according to the New York Post, they're throwing people in the elevator, which caused the elevator to free-fall and then get stuck between floors for over an hour!

Blake Weissberg tells us he was partying on the hotspot's popular rooftop late Saturday night when a security guard shooed everyone into the elevator at closing time. "He shoved 18 people, including me, inside the elevator," Weissberg said. "It did a free-fall and came to a screeching halt. We were stuck between the fourth and fifth floors, and we finally opened the door and crawled out."

Gansevoort spokesman Michael Lindenbaum said the hotel is reviewing security footage, but denied that rooftop revelers were forced into the elevator by guards. "We don't allow more than eight people in an elevator at a time," he said. "I think what happens is that when people get inebriated, they force their way into the elevator and they don't have a very good short-term memory about it . . . We've apologized to all the guests. We're going to be giving them complimentary drinks or dinner reservations. We feel very bad for the inconvenience."

Wow, they're stuck between floors because of rough handling, and all they get are some drinks? No wonder they have to tell people not to poop in the pool.


Anonymous Andy said...

What I love about it is that the guy basically said, "Yeah, we think they were drunk and that's why they crammed into the elevator and got stuck. To make it up to them, we're giving them more booze, for free!"

4/20/2006 9:47 PM

Blogger Lindsay Jones! said...

you do make a good point! off the list!

4/20/2006 10:15 PM


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