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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How fast is faster than really really really slow?

Anybody who's ever spent time waiting for their luggage might appreciate this....

CBS in Chicago is reporting that United is hiring NASCAR pit crews to figure out how to streamline and tighten luggage handling for the airline. In other words, how to make those people move faster and get the bags to the people!

I guess I should be happy about this, baggage service is appallingly slow for United, which I fly all the time. Routinely, I will wait for up to an hour and a half after I get off a plane at LAX before I get my bags. So I guess that's why I feel a little skeptical of what these pit crews will say other than "Hey, you should hire more people and make them move much faster." Still, if it works, I'll be unbelievably grateful.

Now, if they hire NASCAR drivers to get the planes to go faster, we're in business!


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