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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Exactly how desperate ARE you for free ITunes downloads?

So you like those ITunes, do ya? Sure, who doesn't? The bad news is they're draining you dry. I hear ya.

So the idea of a dozen free ITunes sounds pretty good, doesn't it? You're salivating right now for them, aren't ya?

"GIMME!", I hear you say. "GIMME THOSE FREE ITUNES!"

Oh, you can have them, all right. If you're willing to sit through THIS!

(cue scary music and evil laughter)

Yes, in what could be the most evil bait and switch ever, Penn State Federal Bank will give you up to up to a dozen free Itunes if you will sit through a series of videos about how to be financially responsible!

If that weren't test enough of your mettle, these lectures are presented to you by a bunch of hip, happening twenty-somethings who show you how maintaining a responsible credit-to-debt ratio can be "cool" and "fun".

Oh yeah, laugh it up. You and I both know who's gonna click over there as soon as someone needs a music fix.

Nobody ever said addiction was pretty. Or banking either, for that matter.


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