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Monday, February 27, 2006

What women want.........or else

You ever see those guys shopping from a present for the wife or their girlfriend, and they're really really nervous? Whether they're looking at perfume, jewelry or flowers, you see that there's this feeling of "Boy, I sure hope I get this right...." on the guy's face. You ever wonder what they're worried about?

Well, of course, part of the nervousness stems from the eternal mystery of women to men, and their trying to understand what women really want as a present. Men, generally speaking, desperately want to do right by women when giving a gift, but there truly is a learning curve to figuring out what that is.

So that definitely is foremost in men's minds as they're looking.

But the other thing that is running through their minds is something like this, as reported by the international birdcage liner of journalism, The London Sun.

In Dagenham, Essex, Gary Hall brought home flowers to his wife, Toni Young, for Valentine's Day, and because she was so dissatisfied with the flowers because they seemed "cheap", she stabbed him in the chest.

Prosecutor Stephen Winberg explained “She was angry with the victim for buying inferior flowers.”

However, Hall spoke on his wife's behalf at the trial, and admitted that the flowers were, in fact, cheap, and that he had forgiven her for stabbing him. Young ultimately pled guilty to unlawful wounding at Snaresbrook Crown Court, East London, and got a two-year community order. The judge in the case said that because her husband had forgiven her, she would not be sentenced to any jail time.

So, my advice to Hall (and all the men out there): I would start saving up for her birthday present now, if you know what's good for you.


Blogger bigdumbchimp said...


'She was spared jail after the judge heard he had taken her back.'





2/28/2006 5:24 PM

Anonymous Alex said...

I've been married to the same woman for 150 years. I can count on one hand the amount of times I've gotten a present without begging for it.

I don't know that it's specifically Male to not get the present thing.

Chrisanne sent me my first flowers in 26 years this last Valentine's Day. I then went into cardiac arrest.

2/28/2006 8:58 PM


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