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Friday, February 17, 2006

Job listing of the week!

From the San Diego edition of Craigslist:

Need tiny clowns

Reply to:
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Date: Sat Jul 12 12:34:04 2003

Now hiring 6-10 smaller carny types to drive/ride in modified "tiny" volkswagen beetle for grand finale of traveling road show.

Experience necessary:

Ability to manipulate small handles under duress.
Resistance to fire is a plus. Similar roadshows are now igniting finale performers.
Ability to dodge potentially dangerous projectiles.
Must get along with others and pack animals.
Excellent communication skills.


Travel and experience the West Valley!

Gee, with benefits like that, what are we waiting for? Let's all 15 of us pile in the Volkswagen and drive down there pronto!


Anonymous Lilly said...

It takes a special person to know their "resistance to fire" experience.

2/17/2006 1:55 PM

Anonymous Alex said...

I'll check with my cast.

2/17/2006 10:08 PM


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