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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The number one rule in advertising? Monkeys are funny.

Stolen directly off of The Tripwire:

Anyone who watched the Super Bowl this year was sure to see the ads with the guy working in an office with a bunch of monkeys. Know which one I mean? Good. Well, in a hilarious viral marketing scheme, has built a website specifically for the purpose of sending "Monk-e-Mail." Basically, you visit this website, choose a chimp, customize your chimp with clothes, headgear, glasses, etc. and then add audio via a variety of options. I was sent one of these yesterday and literally laughed out loud at my computer (which no matter what, makes one look silly). So I spent about an hour last night sending these to a bunch of friends before realizing that I would never, ever get that hour of my life back again, sadly.

I think is pretty smart here, because not only are they spreading their name like wildfire, but tons of people are bound to get fired when their bosses find out they've wasted four hours sending "Monk-e-Mail" to all their friends on company time.

Go here to check it out for yourself.

Some tips:

1. use the "text to speak" function. It's the funniest.
2. the worlds "Holler!" and "Shamalama-ding-dong" sound hilarious.
3. the monkey doesn't really pronounce the word "bitch" correctly, so sadly, "I'm Rick James, bitch" doesn't sound as funny as it should.

That's all. If you get fired, it's not my fault.


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