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Monday, February 06, 2006

Yes! Incredibly enough! Trailer remixes 3!

That's right, people. I'm beating this dead horse into the ground by getting every god damned trailer remix ever and putting them on this blog. Rules are the same as always: take an existing movie and then through clever editing and use of music, make an entirely new context for the movie. If you haven't seen the other ones yet, then go here, here, and here first, then come back to these.

Tonight's contestants are: Back To The Future, Dumb And Dumber, Big, Seven, Terminator 2, and a special dedication to my friend Alexandra Billings.............yes, put that coffee's Top Gun.

Surprisingly, those gay Tom Cruise rumors seem to be getting some mileage in the humor world. Who knew?


Anonymous Alex said...

Holy Moley.

The Top Gun thing? I'll never be the same. Never.

2/07/2006 4:05 PM


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