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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Car for sale. Runs good. Serviced by Cooter.

So you're a rebel, are ya?

Sure ya are. You just ain't got the cash to back it up, right?

This is your lucky day.

Behold! The General Lee-Roy! It's the car from the Dukes Of Hazzard, but on a Geo Metro.

From the car's description:

1997 General Lee-Roy Metro Geo. One of a kind. Runs Great. Thousands invested! 35 MPG! WOW!!! This baby will get MORE attention than a 69 Charger. Has a working Dixie horn with 118 db. (Thats loud). Tires are in new condition. Headlights faded, I hear you can get them polished for about 30 bucks. If you are the winning bidder I will throw in a GIT-R-DONE hat for free. Also comes with a Good Ole Boy CD. I own a 2002 Plymouth prowler and it don"t turn heads like this baby. You will have to beat the redneck girls off you if you win the General Lee-Roy. If you are married, Have a dog named Blue, Live in a new double wide, and don't want to lose your wife.....THIS CHICK GITTER AIN'T FUR YOU!!!!!!!!!!

As of right now, the car's price is a bargain at $2550.00. Where else but on Ebay?


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