Self-editing is overrated. Or is it?

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Turns out that to get a Nickelback, one must employ the tools of counterfeiting.


Blogger Victoria (toy) DeIorio said...

It's not just Nickelback that does this...

I've been singing multiple songs, of pop artists, back at them for years now.

It is the guaranteed way that a label can sell the sorry excuse of today's music to the masses. It's already been a hit. Music is truly in a pathetic state these days.

1/14/2007 10:31 PM

Blogger Lindsay Jones! said...

Be that as it may, rarely is there such a completely DIRECT COPY of one song to make another to where you could play them side by side.

THAT'S bad.

1/15/2007 12:45 AM

Anonymous Lilly said...

Wow. Pathetic, yes, but thewebshite employed a brilliant technique, there.

1/15/2007 10:21 AM

Anonymous Andy said...

The question is, which galls you more...this, or RHCP's "Dani California"? At least these guys ripped themselves off.

I should point out, though, that it's not restricted to pop, either. Musical theatre's been doing it forever, both the self-recycling and the "aw, nobody will recognize that".

For just a few examples, to reveal what a horrible musical theatre geek I am...

--Sondheim: Listen to "Passions", and then "Assassins", or "The Frogs" and "Merrily We Roll Along"
--Lloyd Weber: He goes both ways here. Listen to "Love Changes Everything" from "Song and Dance", and then Bernstein's "Happy We" from "Candide". Or, recycling his own stuff, listen to the phrase "children of Israel" in "Close Every Door" (from "Joseph..."), and then the phrase "this is my body" from "The Last Supper" in "Jesus Christ Superstar".

Okay, I'll stop now, because I really do look like a total musical theatre dork...


1/15/2007 7:06 PM


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