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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hmm, something fishy here....

Gee, wasn't it swell of Scholastic books to recognize me for my fantastic parenting skills? All right, perhaps they got the gender wrong. Completely wrong. But they must be able to somehow sense from afar what a great parent I am, right?

I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I bought books from them, right? It's just because of what a wonderful mom I am.

What can I say? It's just my maternal instinct that guides me. But I'm very honored to be recognized and look forward to more awards for my motherhood in the future.

Now, OK, I'm sure some of you out there are saying "Well, it's just an honest mistake. After all, Lindsay is a girl's name."

Oh yeah? Well, then how do you explain this guy getting one?


Anonymous larisa said...

awww i never got no stinking great mom award! but then again, i dont think i ever paid for those golden books, and they sold in our garage sale last year...

1/14/2007 2:08 AM

Anonymous larisa said...


two men getting mom awards?!?!?

now i *know* its because i never paid for those books... damnit!

1/14/2007 8:40 AM

Anonymous Alex said...

I've always thought you were a much better mom than my own.

1/15/2007 1:57 PM


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