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Saturday, August 05, 2006

This is a job? This guy has this job?

What with yesterday's posting about our new pals Sketchytemps, this got me to thinking about what is the craziest job that somebody has that actually does exist?

Well, lo and behold, Hotel Chatter has an interview with Allen Oakley, who might just be a contender.

Seriously? This is the guy?
Seriously. This is the guy.

You see, Allen is in charge arranging bachelor parties for a hotel in Las Vegas. What hotel, you ask? Why, the Hooters hotel and casino, of course. No, I'm not kidding.

Seriously? They painted on the trees?
Seriously. They painted on the trees.

The interview, for the most part, is what you expect, although there are a few surprising tidbits of information.

What can Oakley put together for your bachelor party? As it turns out, just about anything as long as it's legal in the state of Nevada, which, as it turns out, is just about anything.

What's the most popular kind of party that he puts together? Well, it's a tie between the bachelor party, which is generally like what you expect a bachelor party to be, and the "Celebrate Your Divorce" party, which generally is whatever you did at your bachelor party plus whatever you forgot to do.

But the biggest surprise to me was that you do not have to be a guest of the hotel to utilize Oakley's services. As he puts it, "places like the Bellagio really can't accommodate a bachelor party from start to finish so if you want to stay there but party here, we can do that."

Uh, places like the Bellagio can't accomodate it because they have more going on than just the $5 chicken wing buffet and (somewhat) clever references to breasts:

Seriously? This is the sign?
Seriously. This is the sign.

Now, before I get slammed for this testosterone-filled post, allow me to direct you to Hotel Chatter's review of the hotel from a woman's perspective. The summary? Just like the restaurant. The chicken sucks, the shorts are orange, and honestly, you're just there til you're ready to clean up and head back to the Bellagio.

But, hey, as jobs go, you could do worse. No?


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