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Friday, July 28, 2006

My secret revealed.

All right, so I have a secret that I've been holding on to for years. It's not that I'm ashamed, it's just that people might get the wrong idea. But now I feel it's time to unmask myself.

Are you ready? Have a seat.

My secret is:

I am one of about five straight guys on the earth who likes Bjork.

I know, it's horrible, isn't it? Well, I feel as though a huge burden has been lifted. But I do like her. I think her records are brilliant, both for her singing as well as the sound design on them. Very impressive stuff.

Now, why am I telling you this?

Because! A guy who can get excited about Bjork can get very excited about Bjorkestra, the jazz big band dedicated to the music of Bjork!

That's right, it's an 18 piece big band dedicated entirely to the music of Bjork. And this is not a gimmick band, people! They're really kinda going for it in the jazz improv sense. In fact, if I didn't tell you it was Bjork, there is a pretty good chance you wouldn't know it's her songs.

Their press kit says "Blending Bjork’s visionary techno pop with the harmonic and improvisational elements of modern jazz, Travis Sullivan’s Bjorkestra has performed to packed venues across the Northeast and received extraordinary praise from both fans and the press alike. Comprised of New York City’s finest jazz musicians, this eighteen-piece ensemble features full horn and rhythm sections as well as vocalist Becca Stevens performing Sullivan’s arrangements that span Bjork’s entire catalogue. Individual members of the Bjorkestra have performed/toured with the likes of Charlie Hunter, Dr. Dre, Ray Charles, Clark Terry, Jessica Simpson, The Spam Allstars, and the Saturday Night Live Band."

Here, take a listen:

Army Of Me


Not bad, right? Good news is that they're about to go on tour!

Tour dates are:

8.3.06 Harlow's | Sacramento, CA
8.4.06 Great American Music Hall | San Francisco, CA
8.5.06 The Attic | Santa Cruz, CA
8.9.06 Belly Up Tavern | Solana Beach, CA
8.11.06 The Knitting Factory | Los Angeles, CA
8.18.06 Tonic | New York, NY

I can totally make that Solana Beach show! YAY!


Anonymous Ted said...

Endure, if you can, the "B"-Girl and hubbie, Mr. Barney, in their film "Drawing Restraint 9." If truth is stanger than fiction I really can't imagine what their off-screen vacation cruises must like. I'm being a little cryptic, I know, but it befits ol' Bjorky-Bjork's many universes.

7/29/2006 4:49 PM


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