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Monday, August 07, 2006

The most fabulous punk rock tribute band ever!

Once again, Scotty Iseri drops us an amazing tip - this time on the most awesome/ridiculous new trend in music: the gay tribute hardcore punk band!

Behold! Black Fag, the all-gay tribute band to Black Flag, one of the great punk bands of all time. Or, as they describe it, "an absolutely FABULOUS tribute to Black Flag!"

The band, consisting of Liberace Morris (vocals), Greg Streisand (guitar), Cher Dykeowski (bass) and Robo Simmons (drums), has been selling out LA clubs and have been selling their cd's and shirts at a pretty brisk pace.

But what do they sound like? I'm so glad you asked. Let's check out their interpretations of three Black Flag classics: Wasted, Six Pack and Jealous Again.

Not bad, right? I guess what's so hilarious about this is that Black Flag, especially with their lead singer Henry Rollins, was SO testosterone-based. It wasn't so much that they were macho, although they kinda were, but they were like SO freakin' male, to the point of being these stoic military warriors. You know what I mean?

Well, in any case, this is quite a change of pace, believe me.

Check out their Myspace page here for more info!


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