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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Turn around..... no, seriously, turn around, you're under arrest for singing.

As you may remember, I love the news, especially when it goes completely over the edge. This is one of those stories that is just so insane, it could only be true.

Awesomely, awesomely true.

UPI is reporting this story about 80's one-hit-wonder Bonnie Tyler who frightened a group of Belgians when she sang an a cappella version of her hit "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" on an Air France flight in honor of the captain who was retiring.

All right, fine, don't believe me! I'll let UPI tell you the story then!

Passengers on a flight from France to Mauritius have filed suit against Air France after musician Bonnie Tyler performed a song at the request of the co-pilot.

The passengers, believed to be Belgian, complained to the airline after the Welsh singer performed part of her 1983 hit "Total Eclipse of the Heart" at the request of the co-pilot, who retired after the flight, The Mail on Sunday reported.

"I was asleep in First Class. The stewardess came and said the co-pilot was retiring. And they asked me would I sing to him. They were having a bit of a party," Tyler said.

The complaining passengers reportedly claimed they were traumatized by the experience and had feared for their safety during the celebration. The complaint eventually escalated into a legal dispute.

An Air France official said: "The claim against Air France, which it completely rejects, is that the celebrations got more and more unruly and came to a climax when Bonnie sang.

"Air France is saying that any suggestion there was anything more than a few slaps on the back for the co-pilot is nonsense, and it completely rejects the claims that the passengers were at any sort of risk."

You can sue for being traumatized by Bonnie Tyler? Jesus, why didn't somebody tell me this back in 1983?!


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