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Thursday, August 31, 2006

One more Jones to keep up with...

Well, it's official. We're thrilled to announce the birth of our daughter Sadie Lillian Jones, born today - August 31, 2006 - at 6:36pm in Santa Monica, CA.

The baby weighed 8 lbs 12 oz. and was 20.5" long. The delivery was incredibly smooth and both mom and baby are feeling great.

Cute, huh? Tomorrow she meets her big brother, which ought to be fun. We'll keep you posted and thanks for all the love sent our way.


Blogger lgolanty said...

Gorgeous, friendly and talented, this family has it all!!

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!!! Sadie is Beautiful, and I will be visiting SoCal in Oct or Nov to "come and see the baybay!"

I will try my best not to break windows in the process.

Mazel Mazel!!!
XOXOXO, Lauren

9/01/2006 1:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadie Lillian is about the most beautiful baby I have ever seen, and this comment is coming from someone who is totally unbiased. Love, Aunt Carol

9/01/2006 4:43 AM

Anonymous Aunt Boni said...

MAZEL TOV to your entire family! I am not surprised that Sadie is so you never do anything less than wonderful. You deserve this joy. (Her name is delicious!)

Always love to you,
Aunt Boni

9/01/2006 6:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bubbie says---
You are all fabulous!!! Sadie is gorgeous!! I wish I was there to hug and kiss you all. You have made me so happy. I love her name and the heritage it brings with it. May Sadie grow up to be as special as the women whose names she carries. A daughter is a special gift--I know.
With tons of love,Mom

9/01/2006 6:56 AM

Anonymous Aunt Barbara said...

Lindsay & Jamie, Sadie is precious and we are so happy for you both. Her name is adorable and already fits her perfectly. Loads of love,Aunt Barbara & Uncle Marshall

9/01/2006 7:28 AM

Blogger Kimbernut said...

Thank heaven for little girls... congratulations on your latest successful debut!

We love you and look forward to meeting the newest member of your beautiful and talented clan...

Cousins Kimberly, David, Zoe & Zachary

9/01/2006 7:49 AM

Anonymous Kimberly & David Schwartz said...

With Sadie I think the Nubile Thangs finally located the female lead singer they were seeking...instead of, what's his name? Seriously guys, good looking kid. Almost 9 pounds, wow, get her on a south beach program immediately!

Much health and happiness as always.

Love, Kimberly & David

9/01/2006 7:55 AM

Anonymous Julie said...

I cannot tell you how happy we are for you. Thank god it was you carrying an almost 9lb baby and not me!!!! She is beautiful. LOVE HER NAME. Look forward to see more pictures soon.
Love to you all
The Egleston clan
Andy, Julie, Brady, Erica and AJ

9/01/2006 1:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jamie and Lindsay,
What an adorable little girl and a beautiful name to go with her. She is a lucky little girl to have been born to a truly wonderful family in every way. Mazel Tov and may good health follow her every moment of her life.
Lynn (Aunt Barbara's friend)

9/01/2006 2:30 PM

Anonymous Nate Coons said...

Hey man, congrats from everyone here at Geva. Hope all is well with Jaime and Sadie. Take Care!!

9/01/2006 8:54 PM

Anonymous Cookie (Amy's mom) said...

Congrats! She is just beautiful and alert. I am sure Huck will be so excited. We are so happy for you all.

Love Cookie and Mike

9/01/2006 9:50 PM

Anonymous Ted DuPaul said...

If I'm recalling your previous postings correctly you are now evenly matched -- two gals, two guys, right? Congratulations to you and the Missus.

9/01/2006 10:19 PM

Anonymous Robyn France said...

As a thoroughly objective grandmother, I can say that little Sadie is the cutest baby around. Round and pink with such a sweet little face. Mixmix and I will be there tomorrow for the full test ride and of course to discuss life with the big brother. Love and congratulations to the whole team--Mummy--you did great! Dad--great coach. Hope all feel well. See you tomorrow.


9/02/2006 4:37 AM

Blogger Grace City Limits said...

Look at her! She's so purdy!!!

Beth Mangum

9/02/2006 7:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadie is simply adorable - mazeltov to the whole family. we can't wait to meet her. love, cindy & david

9/02/2006 10:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jamie and Lindsay, what a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. Adam joins me in wishing you good health, love, and peace all the days of your lives.

Cousins Linda and Adam

9/02/2006 5:37 PM

Blogger Clintonville Progressives said...

gorgeous baby, talented parents, devoted brother, graet name--what more could little Sadie want? Congrats to all, from a cyberuncle in Ohio

9/04/2006 3:25 PM

Anonymous The Owen Family said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous and did I mention GORGEOUS??!!

Those lips and beautiful rosy cheeks!

And good lord, you two pick the best names EVER for kids :)!

Can't wait to meet her.

All our love,
Liz, Dave, Molly and Sam

9/04/2006 10:28 PM

Anonymous Martha said...

Now THIS is a baby who's ready to COZY ON THE BED!! I know firsthand that you two are the best parents on the planet, and I am so so happy for you. A Sadie and a Huck in one lifetime?! Wonderful.

9/04/2006 10:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you all so much! It was so weird on the 31st - I just couldn't get you all out of my mind, and when I called - you were at the hospital! LJ and I started to chat casually, when,
"Holy crap," said LJ, "it's time to push!" Congratulations, mazel tov, felicitations on the birth of beautiful Sadie. Karen

9/05/2006 2:00 AM

Anonymous The Wolf's said...

Congratulations - She is beautiful. And we love the names. Let us know when you are heading east so we can meet her - and see all of you. Love, Craig, Sally, Hannah, and Zachary Wolf

9/05/2006 5:54 AM

Anonymous Deborah Leydig said...

Sadie, Sadie lovely baby!! Congratulations!! So glad you are all doing fine and safe at home! Much love and kisses and hugs for all!
Deborah Leydig

9/05/2006 8:07 AM


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