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Monday, September 11, 2006

Reasons to drive (or not) in Russia

Who are the bad drivers of Europe? You might say any of them boast some pretty incredible bad driving, but the winners by a landslide are the Russians.

Why, you ask?

According to Mosnews, they're all drunk and having sex. That's right, while driving!

About 25 percent of Russians have had sex while driving, a poll released by KRC Research and Goodyear revealed. And this is just one of the things that make them the worst drivers in Europe.

According to the research, Russians do not use seatbelts, break speed-limits, drive through red lights, drive drunk and have sex while driving much more often than other Europeans do.

The odd thing is they don’t think all this is bad.

According to the poll, 36 percent of Russian drivers regularly cross speed limits. This is the highest rate in Europe, the Delovoi Peterburg newspaper reported. Russians talk on the cell phone while driving more often than drivers in the other 14 European countries polled. About 30 percent of those polled in Russia have driven drunk before.

Russians also do not pay enough attention to their physical condition when they are going to take the wheel. Only 9 percent of those polled in Europe will drive if they don’t feel good in comparison with 23 percent of Russians.

23 percent of drivers in Russia scold others while driving, and another 23 percent can break in centre strip to surpass the other cars. And finally, over 60 percent of those polled in Russia do not check the condition of their tires.


Anonymous Lilly said...

I'd say the worst reason is SHE's not getting any.

9/11/2006 1:03 PM

Anonymous Ted said...

Agreed. It's a cryin' shame. But I do understand that men do most of the driving in Russia. Just imagine how much worse those statistics would be if ol' Ivann suddenly got all egalitarian on li'l Lyuba. Either way it's a messy situation. Nostrovia!

9/11/2006 11:29 PM


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