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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Who here is from the 80's?

All right, so this week it was announced that "Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out", the documentary of the final tour of The Police, which was shot and directed by Stewart Copeland from his old Super 8 movies at the time, would be released on DVD in September. It got mixed reviews when it played at Sundance back in January, but it sounds like it's worth a look when it finally comes out.

But this got me to thinking: Hey, wait a minute, wasn't there a documentary made of the Police's final tour years ago?

Thank god for You Tube. Here it is: "The Police Around The World" in its full glory.

Now do yourself a favor. Go get a sandwich or something and let this fim load for a while before you watch it. It takes forever. But it is the full film and this is probably the only way you're ever gonna see it!

(Double click on this image as you have to watch this at You Tube, not here.)

The funny part is watching Stewart Copeland filming like mad during the whole film. He clearly knew that he was gonna wonder one day what the hell actually happened to him. Either that or he wanted to chronicle for posterity the EXACT MOMENT when Sting became a total pussy.

Only time will tell.


Anonymous Lilly said...

Fantastic! They look like they did in the life-size poster I had in my bedroom back in 1983. Sound great, too. The sumo part is a riot. Thanks!

7/20/2006 10:50 PM


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