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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Man, what a month.

So, ok, if you're a regular here, you're probably wondering why it was my birthday here for nearly a month.

Well, for one thing, it wasn't!

What actually happened was that we moved and that took some time, and then my wife (who's 8 months pregnant) fell and broke her leg (and SHE'S FINE, SHE'S FINE, THE BABY IS FINE, CALM DOWN), and so anyway, she was laid up in a cast and I was running my ass around nonstop trying to help her out, and then I hadda go tech her play in NYC, and that was crazy because I hadda come up with a new score in a day so it could be cut after I left, and then I hadda come tech this 6 hour show in England, which definitely required lotsa fast talking, and so now things have just calmed down.


Now, if you are a regular to this blog, you know that when I miss a bunch of days, rather than letting them just go, I actually go back and fill them all in. The reason being that I DO have things to say during the time I'm gone, I just don't have time to write them down. Well, that and I'm a huge geek.

SO! It is now incumbent upon you to scroll down and read all the crap I'm gonna put down there. I don't care if you have something else to do! Don't hand me that! If you had something else to do, you wouldn't be here in the first place!

You know I'm right! Now scroll down!

Thank you!


Anonymous Alex said...

Leave your Blog that long again, and I hunt you down. I don't care if you're working on "Oklahoma" starring Allan Cumming and Liza Minnelli.

7/10/2006 7:42 AM


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