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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rock'n'Roll Joke Of The Week!

Overheard the other day in the production office of the Chicago Theatre:

A tour manager goes down to the reception desk of the hotel and rings the bell.

"Hey Mr. Receptionist, I'm with the band staying here and my singer is in room 24 and I've rung the room like 20 times, and banged on the door but I'm just not getting an answer, do you have a pass key or some thing so I can wake him up, we've got a show to do!"

The guy on reception looks really sad and says, “Sir, I'm so sorry to have to tell you this but the was some kind of accident during the night and your singer died."

"Oh," says the tour manager and walks away. About 10 minutes later he returns to the desk and rings the bell again. "Hey man, I'm with the band here and my singer is in room 24 and I've tried every thing I can think of to wake him but I'm just getting no response, have you got a key so I can get him up."

The guy on reception looks confused. "I'm sorry sir but I told you this 10 minutes ago - there was some kind of accident in the night, I don't know what exactly happened but your singer is dead."

"Oh," says the tour manager, and walks away again.

This repeats about 15 times before the receptionist guy finally loses it.

"I've told you this a thousand times, Sir, I can't get you a key to wake your singer, because he's DEAD! YOUR SINGER IS DEAD! YOUR SINGER IS DEAD! Why do you keep coming back here and asking me the same question don't you understand YOUR SINGER IS DEAD!"

"Oh I know that,” says the tour manager. "I just like hearing you say it."


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