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Sunday, May 21, 2006

What happens in Vegas stays on your record.

WOW! OK, I thought I had seen it all, but this is an actual posting on the Las Vegas version of Craigslist:

Four single girls coming to LV - 21
Reply to:
Date: 2006-05-18, 10:17PM PDT

I'm turning 21 in June and me & three friends are coming to Las Vegas for a weekend of partying. We are looking for two guys who want to do a Britney Spears style weekend wedding (we figure you can't go to the wedding capitol of the world without tying the knot). We're not interested in LTRs or anything like that, we just want to do this for fun (although it will be legal, we can get it annulled the next day). Please have a good sense of humor... if you think this is immoral or sacrilegeous, I don't really care, so keep it to yourself. If you want to hang out with us over the weekend and party too, great. We're very easy to work with.

So if you're going to be in the area the weekend of the 22nd-25th, you have a good sense of humor and you're not uptight, send me an email.

Britney, at long last, is THIS your legacy? Quickie-style Vegas annulments? A quick review of your song titles "Hit Me Baby, One More Time", "Oops, I Did It Again", etc. starts to take on a whole new meaning......


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