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Monday, January 02, 2006

Play-A-Sound death wish revealed!


All right, as you may remember in my previous post, I pondered the possibility of why Play-A-Sound books (the children's books with sound effects modules attached) are deliberately trying to drive me crazy.

Well, imagine my surprise when I saw this story! A woman and her daughter were reading a new Elmo book that they had just bought, when one of the sounds was Elmo saying "Who wants to die?"

No, the book was not "Elmo visits Dirty Harry".

In fact, as of now, there has been no explanation of why the book says that, although other copies of the same book do NOT have that same saying coming out of it. But let's just say that if Elmo asked me "Who wants to die?", the answer would be "ME! If I hear that book make those same sounds for the ten thousandth time!"


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