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Sunday, March 04, 2007

I bet you a dollar that you cannot do this on the flute.

And if you can, I'm coming over.

Meet Greg Pattillo, master of the beatbox flute.

He's a regular performer in Washington Square Park in New York City, and lives in Brooklyn, NY. While I'm not sure I'd buy a whole album of this stuff, it does begin to undo some of the damage caused by 40 years of Jethro Tull.

Although he does play with other bands such as The National Debt (which is basically him and another guy who thinks he's M. Doughty), I recommend sticking with his solo work.

Another one? All right, why not. Let's do one that's popular around these parts, shall we?

Mr. Pattillo, when you're ready...


Anonymous edrawl said...

this guy f*@%kin'rocks!!!

3/04/2007 6:39 AM

Anonymous Sara said...

We've got our own flute beatboxer out here in the Bay Area,

I hadn't realized it was a coast to coast phenomenon. :)

3/04/2007 10:34 AM


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