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Monday, December 18, 2006

Strange Noises...

Well, I just finished working at Arena Stage on Noises Off, which was a really lovely experience. Everyone was as nice as you could possibly imagine, and the whole thing was a real pleasure.

One of the things that theatres have started doing recently is having someone of the theatre maintain a blog about the shows, as a way of having a dialogue with the public. I think that this is a pretty swell idea and while I'm not sure how much interest it actually generates for the theatre, it's a great way to get inside the process of how things are done.

For Noises Off, Jay Russell, an actor in the play and a truly very nice guy, blogs about his experience of putting the play together. Let me tell you, these actors worked their asses off putting this thing up. Anybody who thinks that Noises Off is a piece of cake should try it sometime, it is really an INCREDIBLY physically demanding show and these guys did a fantastic job.

Anyway, I was completely caught off-guard about the very nice things that he said about me, which came from this conversation about how exactly I do my job.

Click here to read about our conversation.


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