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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Critical acclaim for Lindsay Jones:

”The original music and sound by Lindsay Jones… gets you right in the pit of the stomach. And it's a rush. This is not for the faint of heart because (as Christopher Guest says in "This is Spinal Tap") it's cranked up to "11". I simply wanted more of Jones's exciting, "take no prisoners" compositions.” - Aisle Say, Philadelphia, PA

"Kid Simple is technically ingenious. It’s the kind of sound design that makes you gasp in surprise and gaze in near childlike wonderment at the innovation that it must have taken to bring it to theatrical life." - Windy City Times, Chicago, IL

"…accompanied by the brilliantly calculated music and sound effects of Lindsay Jones." - Wall Street Journal, NYC, NY

"Another offstage star of the show is Lindsay Jones, the production's sound designer. Using amplified typewriter noises, the blare of a siren and the weird, unearthly growlings of the strange animals that are supposed to be out there infiltrating the industrial compound, he amplifies and immeasurably adds to the enjoyment of the play." – Chicago Tribune, Chicago, IL

"The introductory music, a slow and rhythmically lopsided reel for fiddle by Lindsay Jones, projects the same ominous inklings of the traditional being derailed." - New York Times, NYC, NY

"the sound design by Lindsay Jones is a knockout throughout …" - City Paper, Philadelphia, PA

"Add music and sound by Lindsay Jones that, though often seat-shaking loud, is generally pitched perfectly to the action " - Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA

"Lindsay Jones produces a rich and varied soundscape, summoning a natural world and a dream world with equal ease and effectiveness." - Austin Chronicle, Austin, TX

"Lindsay Jones' electrifying sound and original music." - Philadelphia Weekly, Philadelphia, PA


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